Removable Blanket Options

EnergyArmour is your best solution for a wide variety of standard-sized removable blankets. Our standard blankets are available direct or from our Amazon Store.

EnergyArmour Removable Blankets are constructed of a Teflon® coated fiberglass cloth shell to shed water and are filled with a 1” thick fiberglass liner (upper-temperature limit is 500F and the R-value is excellent: 4.76 @75F and 3.33 @300F). Our blankets are easily installed via 2” flaps constructed of the shell material with hook and loop integral. Additional attachment is provided by Teflon® coated drawstrings on the ends to ensure a proper tight fit. No tools are required!

Our Removable Blanket Options:

StraightCover Blankets

StraightCover Blankets are designed for flanged pairs, straight runs of pipe and expansion joints.

AccessCover Blankets

AccessCover Blankets are designed like StraightCovers with the addition of a single centered hole accommodating stems for valve handles (plug or ball type) and miscellaneous items such as thermocouples, root valve assemblies, and weldolets.

ValveCover Blankets

ValveCover Blankets are designed for tees and valves with bonnets, like gate, globe and check valves.

EndCover Blankets

EndCover Blankets are designed for blind flanges and end caps.

90°ElbowCover Blankets

90°ElbowCover Blankets are designed for LR 90-degree elbows.

45° ElbowCover Blankets

45° ElbowCover Blankets are designed for 45-degree elbows.


EAWrap Removable Blankets are fabricated 1” thick and 10’ long. They are designed for easy installation and removal with a maximum temperature rating of 350F (176C). They provide excellent thermal resistance suitable for heat conservation and freeze protection for heat traced systems. EAWrap Removable Blankets offer great personal protection meeting OSHA standards. 

Standard Blanket Sizes

Straight Cover Access Cover Valve Cover End Cover 90° LR Elbow Cover 45° LR Elbow Cover
Inside Diameters
4" EA-SC-0416 EA-AC-0416 EA-VC-0422 EA-EC-0408 EA-NC-0400 EA-NC-0400
6" EA-SC-0616 EA-AC-0616 EA-VC-0622 EA-EC-0608 EA-NC-0600 EA-NC-0600
8" EA-SC-0820 EA-AC-0820 EA-VC-0826 EA-EC-0810 EA-NC-0800 EA-NC-0800
10" EA-SC-1020 EA-AC-1020 EA-VC-1030 EA-EC-1012 EA-NC-1000 EA-NC-1000
12" EA-SC-1220 EA-AC-1220 EA-VC-1236 EA-EC-1212 EA-NC-1200 EA-NC-1200
14" EA-SC-1420 EA-AC-1420 EA-VC-1436 EA-EC-1412 EA-NC-1400 EA-NC-1400
16" EA-SC-1636 EA-AC-1626 EA-VC-1636 EA-EC-1614 EA-NC-1600 EA-NC-1600
18" EA-SC-1826 EA-AC-1826 EA-VC-1844 EA-EC-1814 EA-NC-1800 EA-NC-1800
20" EA-SC-2026 EA-AC-2026 EA-VC-2044 EA-EC-2014 EA-NC-2000 EA-NC-2000
22" EA-SC-2226 EA-AC-2226 EA-VC-2244 EA-EC-2214 EA-NC-2200 EA-NC-2200

Length is shown as the last two digits of the part number (example: EA-VC-1436 is 36” long).
Elbow does not show length but extends 2” beyond standard LR arc on each end.